You also need the right information
It's a business imperative
Effective strategies for health care and other not-for-profit institutions

The only total comp communication firm dedicated to health care, public, and not-for-profit institutions. We help you use compensation and benefits — to drive the results you need.

Putting the
Pieces Together 

Good pay and benefit plans, on their own, are not enough. You also need an engaging communication strategy —so executives, physicians, and staff see how total compensation supports your organization's vision, values, and mission.

Why Settle for
Just Half of What
You’ve Paid For?

According to survey data, most employees, executives, and physicians view pay and benefits as a "given." With so much of your operating budget on the table, why settle for such little impact and value?

Your Window
to the World

It's easy to disseminate factual information. What's hard is communicating the things that make the most difference — like creating a sense of connection, generating buy-in, and changing perspective and performance.

The Only Constant: Change — and How You Manage It

Communication is critical in implementing and managing any type of change. But your message moust go beyond the "what's" and “how's." If you want to change behavior, you need to address the "why's."

TotalCompCom can help you use your pay and benefit plans to change the way your employees, executives, and physicians think about your business — and their performance.

Introducing TotalComp Communication, LLC

Some consulting firms are expert in total compensation. Others specialize in communication. TotalCompCom does both. We are the only firm in the industry that focuses solely on communicating total compensation for health care, public, and other not-for-profit employers. Click here to see how this expertise can make a difference — for you.

Driving the Business Results You Need

In the words of the great philosopher, James Brown, "You gotta use what you got/to get just what you want.” TotalCompCom can help you get more value out of your pay and benefit plans — and increase their impact in motivating performance. Click here to see how you can use total compensation — to drive better organizational outcomes.